Hi, I’m Matt and I live with my family in Mineral Point and I work in communications.  I specialize in communicating with people, I love WordPress, writing, travel and you can read more about me on Gravatar.com.

I’ve been helping customers with writing and creative projects for print and the Internet since 1998 and graduated from Columbia College of Chicago in 1997 where I focused most of my time on graphic design, music and learning about people.

I founded Simple Earth Hops with the help from NCR-SARE [USDA] grant funding to help spread the good local word about the business of hops and sustainable agriculture methods. I now help my clients with WordPress and marketing projects.

I’m also a graphic artist, PR Associate, musician, dad, brewer of beer, contributor to WordPress.com and WordPress.org, social media consultant and I love writing.

Relax and have a homebrew.

Here’s where you can find me around the web:

Video, Photos & Music:

The rest:


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