9 basic human needs for NVC

Pinterest sucks. I love it, am very active on Pinterest for clients but recently my personal Pinterest account was deactivated by Pinterest (for posting too many images which I did not own the copyrights for-boo hoo.)

My Pinterest account is not active, so I am reposting this image which I created to show the nine basic human needs which we should all be considering when we work together. It’s good to make requests of others and not be demanding too.

For the past few weeks I’ve been listening to Marshall Rosenberg’s non violent communication training sessions. He explains that we all have 9 basic human needs:

  1. Sustenance (food, water, clothing, shelter);
  2. safety (protection);
  3. love (intimacy and sexuality);
  4. empathy;
  5. rest (relaxation, recreation, play);
  6. Community (to work together);
  7. creativity;
  8. autonomy (to make choices and when we here demands, this need is threatened); and
  9. purpose (to have meaning, to contribute to life and to see how our efforts have helped others).

Emotions play into these needs as our feelings (emotions) are an expression of our needs being met or not being met.