Free Video Creation Tool for YouTube

I love this new discovery I made last week while searching for a solution on how to easily and quickly upload my songs and audio files to YouTube. is the answer. This free (there’s paid options too) service gives you tools to login to your YouTube account and quickly combine your MP3 audio file with a picture file (JPEGs, GIFF and PNGs) and upload this as a movie file right to your YouTube Channel. The website is super fast and there’s a real person behind this service, they do respond to support requests, and the service is active on their social channels, which I love.

How to use – Demo Video

In addition to a real person behind this product, you will find the website spam free! Join them online at for a test drive and follow them at:

In addition to their slick free service, there’s upgrades enabling many added features like:

  • tunestotubeCAPTCHA is removed
  • upload files up to 175MB
  • watermark is removed on vid’s
  • batch work and social media integration
  • My fav’, Google Drive access

If you’ve also been searching for a free tool to upload your audio/sound files direct to YouTube, is a great tool to publish videos!