How to fix a leaking air mattress

This post is for the camping season. At least once a year I am repairing an air mattress. The best steps to fix a leaky air mattress are rather messy, don’t look that good but, the holes won’t leak again!

Steps to fix a leaky air mattress

  1. Identify the leak(s) with soapy water (which will bubble up like crazy when painted on with a small brush).
  2. Remove old patches and fix those also.
  3. Clean hole areas with rubbing alcohol to remove old grime and dirt and give the new patch a clean area to stick to.
  4. Cover the hole and surrounding area (like 3/4 of an inch around the hole) with “Shoe Goo” or “Marine” glue.
  5. Let these dry and add another layer.
  6. Get a 2 part epoxy and cover the glue with this.
  7. That’s it, it doesn’t look that great but this homemade air mattress patch will last longer than the vinyl.

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