Blog-in-Blog WP Page Category Free Plugin

Unlocking More Magic from another Free WordPress Plugin

Blog-in-Blog is a CMS friendly plugin which allows you to create category pages and assign WordPress blog posts to display on these pages.

How it works:

  • Use shortcode in a page to select a number of posts within a specified category. This page with the shortcode becomes your ‘blog’ page (you can of course call it what you will). [blog_in_blog category_id=1 num=10] Must specify the category_id. Optionally specify a number of posts, defaults to 10.
  • You can then optionally hide a specified category from the normal home page (there is an admin page for you to select the category).
  • Therefore, any posts with the chosen category are shown only on your page and not on the home page, so if you use WordPress as a CMS, you now have a blog within a blog.
  • If I only knew about this plugin when I started the Free Congregation website -argh!