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2015 SEO Audit Checklist

Here’s an two minute checklist for 2015 for that quick audit of your website to make sure you covered the basics. You’ve heard of Google correct? Well Page Rank is the guts of the Google algorithm:

“The heart of our software is PageRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University.”

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  1. Is your website optimized for mobile device users? Get with the times man!
  2. Can I trust you? Does the website feel and look trustworthy? You’ve got 2 seconds to make your visitor feel welcome.
  3. Copywriting. Is this website written for a robot by a robot or does it contain meaningful – useful content that talks like you and me will want to read and share with friends and family?
  4. Does the website work on Mac and PC with all three major browsers?
    1. Use WebPageTest to find out!
  5. Does the website (company) have a blog, social media and local directories listing?
  6. Does the blog, social media and local directories profiles link back to the website?
  7. What Google search page does the website show up on?
  8. What is the page rank of the website? Use one of these tools to find out:
    4. Zubit
    5. SearchBliss
    6. Website Looker (PR scale broken)
  9. Is the website using Video?
  10. Does the website’s page titles reflect some meaning and relevant or does it say “Hello”?
  11. Backlinks – use a tool and verify if the website has any relavant links and links with authority.
  12. Branding! Does the company logo show up on the website, social media profile icon and local listings? If not, get with the show!
  13. Social media, yes we all know about Facebook and Twitter but this is business. Does the website have business pages for Google+ and LinkedIn?
  14. Of the social media sites the website does have, how much are people liking and sharing?
    1. Use these social grading tools to find out:
      2. buttonspace
      3. HowManyShares
      4. SharedCount
  15. Does the website comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  16. Check the speed of your website with:
    1. Google’s PageSpeed
    2. Yahoo!’s YSlow
  17. Use one or all of these tools to find more SEO needs for your 2015 audit checklist:
    2. SEO SiteCheckup
    3. Woorank
    4. Alexa
    5. Screaming Frog SEO Tool
    6. MajesticSEO
    7. AHREFS
    8. BacklinksWatch
    9. WhoIs
    10. Internet Archive Way Back Machine
  18. Useful SEO audit info related to your website’s server and network: Site Report
  19. Other tools to look into and verify:
    1. SEOBook
    2. Hootsuite
    3. SearchMetrics
    4. Botify
    5. AdvancedWebRanking
    6. Google Trends
    7. SEM Rush
    8. Ubersuggest
    9. Market Samurai
    10. SEO Scope
    11. My Poseo
    12. SEO Soft
    13. MOZ Rank Tracker


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How to Identify Bad Backlinks

As I continue my digital marketing promotions for Wisconsin Dental Solutions (a Madison and Sun Prairie dentist office I help with at work), I am on the search for building relevant dental related backlinks and removing bad links which point to the dentist office’s website which may be harming the search rank.

Below are some tips for identifying bad links which can be removed using the Google Webmaster Tools disavow tool or by contacting the site owner (be polite) directly (you may have to do this up to three times).

  • Websites or directories with no apparent niche.
  • Blogs which look like spam or blogs with spammy comments.
  • Websites which are totally not related to your website’s specialty.
  • Websites which have no social activity.
  • Websites which are just simply article directories.
  • Sites which have links to suspect country codes.

How to discover bad links?

1938 Spam advertisement from the Gallery of Graphic Design

Sources:, The Gallery of Graphic Design, Video by Matt Cutts


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Where to submit a press release


Event marketing is an integral function for many businesses. This list begins to touch on a few broad locations to submit event news from your press release. For more specific targeting, use our friend Google to locate your niche market event calendars and news channels.

First start by leveraging the power of backlinks. Come up with a set of long string keywords and integrate those naturally into your event press release content and post the event to Eventbrite.comEventful.comPlancast

Local Newspapers

Local news print websites sometimes have an event calendar you can submit to.

Forums and Discussion Groups

Find the right forums for your target audience and share your event news.

Local Business or Civic Organizations

If you are a member of your Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau, find out if they have an event calendar that you or they can post to on your behalf.


Does your website have a blog? If not, it should! This is a great place to post your event content and begin loading up on social markers by sharing the event news on social media accounts.

Press Releases

Share your press release on PRWeb and PitchEngine.

Sharing on Social Media

Social markers (aka likes, retweets, pins and shares, etc) are one of the 3 pillars of Google SERPs. Make sure your event news is being shared by others. If you are running the whole marketing show by yourself, use a tool like SocialOomph to schedule your social marketing posts ahead of time.

Pinterest can be a great place to promote an event using these instructions:

  1. Create event Board
  2. Add event banner/logo and images as Pins
  3. Add event infographic (get this created on Fiverr)
  4. Redirect pins to event landing page
  5. Give calls to action in pins to influence repins

Other Dofollow PR8 social bookmarking sites

Just a note about social bookmarking. Google and Bing! can detect spamming when you bookmark the same site many, many times in one sitting. Stretch these out, a few each day.

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Alternatives to Press Releases for SEO professionals

Now that Google has announced the death to links with in a press release to achieve higher SEO values, we need to start marketing outside the Press Release box and come up with some smart up-to-date alternatives for marketing our small businesses.


There are three major aspects of websites which bring high search engine ranking according to Google and Bing. These include (1) CONTENT; (2) LINKS and; (3) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKERS. Press releases used to have the potential to cover all three of these. Press releases are still effective however when reading more into Google guidelines for linking in press releases, you must make sure not to over-optimize your press release with links. With Google’s new rules we must have alternatives.

SEO Alternatives to Press Releases

  • Good content should always be the foundation for your news. If you have an event or other newsworthy story, make sure the content you are publishing includes well written, proof-read copy and headings.
  • Eventbrite. Publish your press release info on Eventbrite as an event. Eventbrite supports quality, authoritative back links.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Infographic. Have a fiverr gig create an awesome infographic about your event/news and publish this infographic on PR2 or above on many, many infographic directories.
  • Hire a PR firm. In Madison, there are many PR firms. In general its who you know not what you know that gets things connected.
  • This one comes from “Create a media package complete with logos, thumbnails, press release in word document format, pictures of founders, office, etc. Send this to every journalist within your space.”
  • Post the content on your website’s blog.
  • Email your news out!
  • Purchase high quality back links (blackhat) on
  • WIth that, make sure that you do focus some time on your press release to make it powerful for discovering your content using: Optimized keywords; Headlines; Title tag;




    Videos and 

    Social media messaging.


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Review of SEO websites

Google algorithms are changing frequently and Bing! has a different set of rules for ranking keyword search results when compared to Google’s algorithms. To stay on top of website marketing trends you must continually educate yourself about how Google and Bing! show search results. Two of the best websites around for sharpening the edge of your SEO sword are and


Both websites serve similar audiences and both have tools and resources have many, many different channels for learning and sharing website marketing strategies. SEOmoz features a paid forum and monitoring/recommendations application tool in addition to helpful blog articles covering SEO and similar social marketing topics. In addition to SEOmoz’s extensive articles and paid resources, there is also a YouMoz section of the website where users can submit their own SEO related articles.

Warrior-Forum serves as the go-to website for all website marketing needs. WarriorForum is a vBulletin powered user-friendly forum discussion group with many topic groups covering Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, ebooks and more. This powerful forum boasts thousands of helpful active forum users who are willing to answer web marketing questions or provide strategies by sharing through the forum discussion posts.

WarriorForums and SEOmoz are both powerful website marketing resources which can provide answers to the most pressing search engine or social media questions. Sharpen your skills and have confidence in knowing there are tools and resources to stay up-to-date on website marketing techniques with WarriorForums and SEOmoz.

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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is all the buzz right now with the Panda update aka Google’s changes to its search algorithms. Here are an interesting article forwarded to me by a client and presentation which capture Enterprise SEO in all its buzzyness.

The Ultimate Guide To Enterprise SEO

Best quotes from this article:

It is not uncommon for Enterprise SEO efforts to take at least six months before anyone sees the needle move…

By managing the yield of every Web-facing activity to account for its search engine net effect, the cumulative yield of your “chain” will outperform your competitors over time…

A presentation by by Tom Critchlow
From the SEOmoz #mozcation in Peru 2011

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SEO tips for 2012

SEO tips for 2012

With Google’s new “Panda” update, search engine optimzation has really changed recently. Here are some new tips for SEO in 2012.

Get Quality Backlinks

Google used to focus on the quantity of backlinks now they focus on the quality of backlinks. Focus on quality backlinks from regional/local website and industry focused websites if you are a small business.

Use Videos on the Website

Help create a brand among your web visitors. The 3rd largest search engine is now YOUTUBE, video marketing will help capture this large audience. Setup and Youtube and Vimeo account–Google’s recent (Panda) update makes the use of video marketing all more important.

Quality Content

  • You really need a blog these days!
  • Start by identifying what website tools would be helpful for someone searching for your keywords in your region (if you are small biz)… search tools? If you provide a paid service, can your website feature estimates on the website? Do you have a contact or feedback form where users can reach you?

2012 Search Engine Optimization TIPS (right from the source)

  • These videos feature Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam Team

Optimize your Title, URL and Google snippet

Meta Descriptions are Back!

Meta Tag Keywords are OUT!

This seems obvious to me but if you have a website, provide some tools for mobile users and for sharing on social networks.  78% of business people use their mobile devices to check email and browse the Internet while at work. 93% of adults in the USA are Facebook users too.

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